Saturday, October 8, 2016

Computer Assisted Instruction

Computer Assisted Instruction

• How does the software differentiate instruction for different learning styles?
Each student has a unique style of learning, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Differentiated instruction techniques allow instructors to empower and engage students by accommodating each of their various learning styles. A computer is an effective tool for visual learners because they can create graphics, draw images and etc. Also, auditory learners can get benefit from using the audio softwares and educational songs. Teachers can use case studies to explain a situation for kinesthetic learners and ask them to solve a problem.
There are several types of computer assisted instruction such as drill-and-practice, tutorial, simulation, and problem solving. Drill and practice programs have motivational elements such as completion, cooperation, and fantasy. It modifies to include gaming components, which is good for visual learners.

• Does the software increase skills in knowledge reinforcement, concept
development, and or problem solving? How?
Yes, using software increases skills in knowledge, reinforcement, concept development, and problem solving. It allows students to apply their learning knowledge to their life situations. 
In general, Computer Assisted Instruction is a self-learning, so it would help students to be responsible for their own learning. CAI utilizes a set of text, graphics, sound and video in fostering the learning process. Also, the computer is an easy device to enhance classroom instruction.
Drill and practice software is used as a way to understand new content or to review content. Drill and practice programs provide opportunities for students to practice the skills that they have learned and give them further practice to master the concepts. Drill and practice activities provide learners immediate feedback, so this can help in the learning process as well as it will save the teachers times. Also, drill and practice software reinforces the acquisition of knowledge during repetitive practice.

• What is the name of the company that publishes the software product? 
The name of the company is the compass learning.

• How will you use this software in your own classroom? Why? 
The computer is an interactive instructional technique that teachers should use in their classes because it facilitates and improves students in all areas of the curriculum.
Regarding with drill and practice programs, I can ask students to use drill and practice activities for doing tests, math drills, foreign language, spilling, and vocabulary. I can create my own drill and practice items through this website http://www.quizlet.comDrill and practice software is based on question and answer interactions. Also, I can use games to apply problem solving strategies as well as a great chance to practice essential skills. 

Drill and practice software is a great motivator. Also, it is a useful tool for students to memorize information. This software allows students to access in any time they want and even outside the classroom. Finally, I will use drill and practice software because it would help me to differentiate between the students' strengths and weaknesses.